Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Satria fu

MOdifikasi satria fu With the price of Yamaha New Vega RR economical, we've got features captivating, inter alia on the head has a head lamp with a crystalline material that make the lighting brighter, turn signal designed sharp and aerodynamics, the flasher lamp that makes his appearance looks futuristic and indicator panels are made oval so that makes it look different. The indicator on the panel are the instructions that are informative and easy to read, the pointer speed, tripmeter, gear indicator, gasoline, headlight, turn signal and engine indicator. The following specifications and price New Yamaha Vega RR complete and detailed:
This motor has a new sripping nuanced body speed. In addition, the rear light (stop lamp) is made with clear lenses with a reflector like crystals that emit red light. There are a versatile trunk so that the rider can be used for storing luggage. This motor also features Integrated Key Shutter is a multifunctional key to mesi and gas tank. On the feet, Yamaha New Vega RR has black wheels and the more sporty look. With the use of the spoke wheels, the motor is also prioritizes comfort and stability, especially in the field of street wheels are broken or wavy. modifi satria fu

Price Yamaha New Vega RR were quite friendly offering complete specifications. Here is the explanation. This variant has the type of engine 4 stroke, SOHC 2 valve technology, 114 cc engine, single cylinder horizontal position and applying air conditioning. Maximum power generated at 8.16 ps (6.0 KW / 7500 r / min, with a maximum torque of 8.3 Nm (0.85 kgf / m) / 4500 r / min. Diameter steps are 50 mm x 57.9 mm with a compression ratio of 9: 3: 1. The system of livelihood engine wear electric starter and kick starter / manual. System wet lubricating engine oil with a total capacity of 1 liter and 0.8 liters on the periodic replacement. The fuel system in the form of series VM17 carburetor. Type wet clutch, multipleplatform, and centrifugal with the transmission pattern N-1-2-3-4. (List of Motor ducks in Indonesia)

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